Energizer accessories which are genuine distributed by Smart Convergence Joint Stock Company in Vietnam are guaranteed for 1 for 1 in accordance with the following time:

The product classification Lifetime Warranty: Warranty 1 for 1 lifetime.
Products not in Lifetime Warranty group: 1-for-1 warranty within 2 years.
The warranty period (for 2-year warranty group) will be based on the purchase invoice from the authorized dealer or genuine online shop of Energizer Vietnam.

1. Form:

- 1 for 1 for brand new product.

- In case the product requires a temporary warranty out of stock or discontinued production, customers can exchange 1 product with the same value and features as the warranty product. If the exchanged product has a higher value, the customer pays the difference.

2. Warranty period:

- Technician checks and confirms fault of manufacturer: 1 day

- Response time for warranty and return product warranty: 3-5 days

3. Warranty location:

- For customers who buy Energizer products at FPT Shop and Viettel Store chains: customers can bring the product to the store to request warranty or send it to the Service Center: CP Convergence Joint Stock Company Clever.

- For customers who are far away or buy online: send and deliver products to Service Center.

- Customers will bear the cost of sending warranty on the way out, Energizer will bear the cost of shipping the afternoon products.

Contact Center warranty information:


Address: Suit 608, 6th Floor, Petro Vietnam Tower, 1-5 Le Duan street, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC

Phone: 0932 10 86 87

Email: ho.thanh.khiem@smartcom.com.vn



Energizer only guarantees the products distributed in Vietnam market.

The following cases are denied warranty:

The product has expired the warranty period (for 2-year warranty group).
Error or damage due to abuse, accident, improper storage, ...
The product is damaged because it has been tested, repaired or replaced by another person or unit without the authorization of Energizer.
Wear and tear during use.
Damages occur in some force majeure cases such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, ...
Errors or damages arising from improper use of the product, incorrect connection of power source, or use in combination with products not recommended by Energizer.