Energizer phones are warranted for 01 year from the date the customer receives the product. The warranty date is based on the period of activation of the electronic warranty, the purchase invoice in the absence of an electronic system or based on Imei exported from the distributor within 15 months.

During the warranty period, Energizer warranty centers will provide a free repair / repair service if product defects are verified as technical defects.

- The first 100 days: Customer gets 1 exchange for a brand new one.

- From 100 days to 1 year: Guests get 1 exchange for 1 body of similar condition.

* Phone E241S: Warranty period up to 3 years with conditions within 30 days after purchase, customers must register according to the warranty form on the company's website.

Link: https://www.energizeyourdevicewarranty.com/register

* Accessories (battery, charger, charger, headset): 6 months warranty



Energizer only guarantees the products distributed in Vietnam market.

The warranty of the phone will not be extended after exchange or repair.

If the product has expired or the warranty is not covered, the service provider authorized by Energizer will provide a repair service for a fee under the warranty error.

Customers should back up the data and delete all confidential / private data stored in the product before sending the product for repair. Energizer will not be responsible for damage or loss of any data stored in the product.

In case there is no electronic warranty, the product is warranted based on the purchase invoice with full information related to the product such as: Imei number, model, date of purchase, or based on Imei still in 15 months from the distributor.

Two-way shipping fee shall be paid by warranty center.

Time to exchange products within 03 days, repair time within a maximum of 05 working days (excluding holidays, holidays, New Year)

The following cases are denied warranty:

- Product has expired warranty.

- Errors or damages due to abuse, accidents, improper storage, contact with liquids, ...

- The machine is wet or affected by hot, humid environmental conditions or rapid changes in conditions of abrasion, oxidation, food or liquid spills or effects of chemical products. learn.

- Devices with serial numbers, IMEI numbers or warranty marks are discarded, deleted, damaged, corrupted, altered or made illegible.

- Depreciation during use.

- The device has been exposed to water, damage, broken screen, passed inspection, repair, replacement, adjustment, or change of software or hardware by individuals or other entities without authorization from the Energizer.

- Damage occurs in some cases of force majeure such as floods, fires, earthquakes, lightning strikes, ...

- Errors or damages arising from the use of non-Energizer products are not recommended for use with Energizer products.

- Errors or damages arising from mobile systems, or Internet viruses or other software issues are included in the product.


Ho Chi Minh area:

- Branch 1: 324/26 Hoang Van Thu - Ward 4 - Tan Binh - Ho Chi Minh

Phone: 0902.565.066

Email: headcare.dbp@digitek.net.vn

- Branch 2: 228-230 Street 3/2 - Ward 12 - District 10 - Ho Chi Minh

Phone: 0938.880.967

Email: Headcare.asus@digitek.net.vn

Hanoi area:

Address: 2nd Floor, 37, Alley 1, Tran Thai Tong - Dich Vong Hau Ward - Cau Giay District - Hanoi

Phone: 0936.168.255

Email: headcare.hn@digitek.net.vn

Da Nang area:

Address: 77 Tan Da - Thac Gian Gian - Thanh Ke District - TP. Danang

Phone: 0902.583.866

Email: headcare.dn@digitek.net.vn

Can Tho area:

Address: 174 Vo Van Kiet - An Hoa Ward - Ninh Kieu District - Can Tho City

Phone: 0902.871.666

Email: headcare.ct@digitek.net.vn