Energizer 2m shockproof case for iPhoneXr

Code: CO20IP61

Shock-absorbing case sets American Military Standard certification.

Tiêu đề

Outstanding shock resistance

Energizer phone case provides perfect protection for your Iphone X / Xs. The case is MIL-STD-810 US MILITARY STANDARD certified (must work well and survive 28 consecutive tests falling at a height of 2m).

Slim design, delicate

With a thickness of only 2mm and lightweight TPU material, the Energizer case covers the entire device and ensures the original design and design of the product.

The back surface is designed in 2D with honeycomb pattern with embossed stripe effect to prevent fingerprints and slip during use. Not only that, this honeycomb structure also helps to avoid impacting the device effectively.

Scratch resistance is also one of the highlights of this case. With a special design, the Energizer case is covered by 4H scratch-proof layer to limit scratches, increasing the aesthetics of the product.


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