Hard Case E100



Screen: 2.4 inches, QQVGA, 240 x 320 Pixels

Front camera: No.

Rear camera: QVGA


Internal memory: 4MB

CPU: Mediatek MT6261D

GPU: no

Battery capacity: 1500mAh

Operating system: Updating

SIM Card: 2 regular SIM, 2 Sim

Year of manufacture: 2019

Tiêu đề

Phone Energizer E100 is a phone that is durable, impact resistant and waterproof IP54 American standard from the famous technology company - ENERGIZER.

Durable warrior

With a military-standard design, the E100 has a sturdy protective cover to ensure that after bumps or drops from a test height of 80 cm, it can operate normally and not be affected by appearance.

High performance battery

With a 1500mAh battery, the Energizer E100 keeps up to 12 days of charging in standby mode and 11 hours of continuous use. If the user needs to use at 2-3 hours per day, after 4-5 days new users need to charge the battery. The E100 is an excellent phone to keep important conversations from being interrupted or a valuable connection assistant for your exploration.

Waterproof IP54

Recognized as IP54 water and dust resistant, the Energizer E100 can survive rain, or accidentally drop water.

2 SIM 2 waves

Energizer E100 owns two SIM trays so that users can use two separate phone numbers at the same time to serve their business needs.

Basic entertainment features

The E100 has a rear-facing camera so you can save pictures as needed. In addition, the device supports Bluetooth 2.1 connectivity, listening to FM radio and listening to MP3 music speakers through copying songs to a memory card (supports 8GB memory card).



Energizer phones are warranted for 01 year from the date the customer receives the product. The warranty date is based on the period of activation of the electronic warranty, the purchase invoice in the absence of an electronic system or based on Imei exported from the distributor within 15 months.

During the warranty period, Energizer warranty centers will provide a free repair / repair service if product defects are verified as technical defects.

- The first 100 days: Customer gets 1 exchange for a brand new one.

- From 100 days to 1 year: Guests get 1 exchange for 1 body of similar condition.

* Accessories (battery, charger, charger, headset): 6 months warranty

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