Energy E12



Screen: 1.8 inches, QQVGA, 128 x 160 Pixel

Front camera: QVGA

Rear camera: QVGA

RAM: 32 MB

Internal memory: 32 MB

CPU: Spreadtrum Sc6531E, No, no

GPU: no

Battery capacity: 1000mAh

Operating system: None

SIM Card: 2 regular SIM, 2 Sim

Year of manufacture: 2019

Tiêu đề

Energizer E12 phone has an impressive 1000 mAh battery besides the compact design advantages and is fully equipped with the features of an ordinary phone.

Great battery life

1000mAh battery ensures up to 8 hours of continuous talk time and up to 6.5 days of standby time. The long-duration equipment helps users feel secure and comfortable for many days of communication.

Rugged design

The smooth curves and the back effect of the ENERGY E12 carbon effect provide a modern look while ensuring a firm grip.

The high quality plastic part helps protect the body better when it is hit.

Listen to music conveniently

The highlight of the Energizer E12 is the convenient music function. Energy E12 has shortcuts for MP3 and radio so music lovers can listen to their favorite tunes with just one click.

Front and back camera

The equipped front and back camera makes the E12 more special because it meets the need to record the shooting angles for users.

Convenient flashlight

Energizer E12 has keyboard shortcuts for quickly turning on a flashlight when needed. Just press and hold the 0 key, the flashlight will turn on immediately and is useful in cases of sudden loss of light.

2 SIM 2 waves

Energizer E12 owns two SIM trays so that users can use two separate phone numbers at the same time to serve their business needs.



Energizer phones are warranted for 01 year from the date the customer receives the product. The warranty date is based on the period of activation of the electronic warranty, the purchase invoice in the absence of an electronic system or based on Imei exported from the distributor within 15 months.

During the warranty period, Energizer warranty centers will provide a free repair / repair service if product defects are verified as technical defects.

- The first 100 days: Customer gets 1 exchange for a brand new one.

- From 100 days to 1 year: Guests get 1 exchange for 1 body of similar condition.

* Accessories (battery, charger, charger, headset): 6 months warranty

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