The Energizer charging cable comes with a lifetime warranty, 1.2 meter Lightning cable for Apple devices


Technical data:

Connection standard: USB 2.0

Charger & data transmission: 2.4A - 480Mbps

Length: 1.2m

Tiêu đề

Made from high quality materials, the Lightning cable with a lifetime warranty Energizer - C41UBLIGWHT for superior durability than conventional cables - cables withstand tension up to 50kg.

The cable sheath is twisted with sturdy PVC fibers to minimize frictional damage but still flexible enough to allow the cable to bend easily. The connector is solidly reinforced against cracks.

Lightning cable used for iPhone / iPod / iPad
MFI certification (licensed by Apple) is compatible with all Apple mobile devices
Using durable materials that can withstand pull forces up to 50 kg
Cable ends can be folded up to 10,000 times
Support charging and data transmission with high speed
1.2m cable length for convenient use
Certification of safety & explosion protection: CE, EAC, REACH, RoHS.

Lifetime warranty 1 for 1.

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