The Energizer charging cable comes with a lifetime warranty, the 1.2-meter USB-C cable

Code: C41C2CGBKT

Technical data

Connection standard: USB 2.0

Length: 1.2m

Charge and transmit data of 480Mps


Tiêu đề

Super-durable design - Bear bend 10,000 times

Made from rugged and flexible PET materials, the USB Type C2.0 Energizer switch cable offers a lifetime warranty for optimal durability when used. The product is also designed with smart diagonal mesh to help minimize friction and perfectly protect the inner cable core.

In addition, the product can withstand strong traction up to 50kg because of the durable and strong housing and the designed cable that can be bent or folded up to 10,000 times without breaking.

Fast data transfer rates thanks to high compatibility

With the USB Type C2.0 transfer cable, you can transfer two-way data in the most perfect way thanks to its high compatibility with many devices.

Safety - quality

Prioritizing the safety of users during charging, Energizer's products are not only durable, it also achieves high safety and explosion-proof standards according to European standards (CE, FCC, RoHS ...)



Lifetime warranty 1 for 1.

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