Energizer charger, lifetime warranty - 3.4A, 2 USB ports with Lightning cable


Technical data:

Output power: 3.4A

Number of charging ports: 2 ports

- USB-1: 5V 1A (max)

- USB-2: 5V 2.4A (max)

Cable length: 1.2 meters

Smart IC technology: automatically adjusts the power source to suit each connected device

Ports: USB-A to Lightning

Color: White

The kit includes:

3.4A charger

Lightning cable transmission speed of 480 mbps

Tiêu đề

Fast charging capability and 2 convenient USB-A ports

The Energizer 3.4A 2USB charger with Lightning cable comes with two USB-A ports that support charging two devices at the same time. In addition, with fast charging up to 3.4A, it will save users time and take advantage of the charging space.

Compact design, exquisite

Designed with 3D floating effect, Energizer 3.4A 2USB Charger with Lightning cable brings a luxurious, modern feeling to the user. Products made from high-quality Polycarbonate and fiberglass increase elasticity, drop and impact resistance up to 2m. In addition, the charging cable is made to withstand 50kg tension with thousands of turns.

The product is relatively compact, so you can easily carry it easily in your backpack, bag anytime and anywhere without taking up too much space.

Super durable charging cable
Included with the 3.4A 2USB charging cup is a MFi-certified Lightning cable from Apple and printed directly onto the accessory case. The cable is made of durable and flexible material that can withstand up to 10,000 turns.

The cable is also designed in the form of a criss-cross mesh, which helps reduce friction and protect the inner cable core.

Meets strict European-American safety standards

The Energizer 3.4A 2USB charger with Lightning cable meets strict European-American safety standards such as CE, EAC, REACH, RoHS.



Lifetime warranty.


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