Wireless charger Energizer 10W with MicroUSB cable


Technical data

Output: 7.5 / 10W

Input: 9V / 2A

Charging capacity: 10W

Wireless charging distance: 7mm

Cable included: USB-A to Micro - USB

Cable length: 1.2 m

Color: Black

The kit includes:

Wireless charger Energizer 10W

Micro USB cable

Tiêu đề

Is one of the products that have been interested in recent times and are loved by users. Wireless charger Energizer 10W with MicroUSB - WLACBLBKM cable with many outstanding features.

Slim design, convenient

Extremely compact design, just 7mm thin and weighing 90g is one of the factors that attract many users. If you own the Energizer wireless charger, you can put it in your bag so you can take it with you anywhere. When charging, simply place your device on the surface of the charging dock to charge.

Not only that, the charging base also has a non-slip rubber sole to ensure safe products that do not slip during charging.

Compatible with many devices and 10W charging speed

The Energizer charging dock is compatible with all products that support wireless charging from phones to smart accessories such as watches, headsets, etc.So from Galaxy Watch, Galaxy Buds, Apple AirPods 2 and many other products Can use the same one to charge Energizer WLACBLBKM.

10W capacity provides quite good charging speed, not as fast as when used with the charger cord but brings convenience and flexibility for users.

Durable USB-A to Micro USB cable

This durable cable can withstand up to 50kg and 10,000 turns, under normal use conditions of the user is almost unbreakable.

Meet safety standards and optimal warranty

Wireless charger base of Energizer is fully certified to international safety standards such as CE, FCC, ETL, CB, EAC, RoHS, Reach, ERP6, DOE6.



Experience the Energizer WLACBLBKM charging base with a 1-to-1 lifetime warranty.

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